Which is the most advantageous credit card according


Which is the most advantageous credit card according to these criteria?
The biggest advantage for me is that you will not once have a credit card dues.

Apart from that, the second issue that I care about will be valid in every shopping store. These two very important advantages are now called FREE CART. If we list our credit cards, which do not have card fees and are valid everywhere.

Fix Card, which is owned by QNB Finansbank with 179,571 contracted stores, comes first. This card has no annual fee.! In fact, even if you lose your card only 15 pounds Fix Card is renewed instantly. Your card limit changes according to your monthly income as in any bank.

Our second recommendation is the HSBC Concept, a dues-free credit card. This card has made an agreement with our customers to 100,000 stores in Turkey’s market.

Finally, we offer you İş Bankası Maximum as a dues-free credit card. This card I use is a very advantageous credit card with really fast customer service.

The Bank has signed a total of 319,558 stores for us. Moreover, shopping and cash advance interest rates are 0.20% lower than the 2 banks I have mentioned. If you ask why I put it in 3 rows, there may be density in the bank 😉


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