If you need credit, first contact the bank where you work, where your salary lies, where you use your credit card. In general, the trust of the bank that recognizes you will be higher.

Trust lies at the heart of getting credit. The bank should trust you so that they will be able to pay them back. It is essential that you do not pose too much risk for them. 5 If you have not received a loan from a bank, contact other banks.

The lending criteria of banks can be flexible. Interest may also be different. These changes periodically according to the bank’s credit policies.

Therefore, do not lose hope! 6 Anyone who uses a credit or credit card has a ‘report card’ at the Credit Bureau. In this report card, solvency;

information such as income, expense, past payment performance, payment habits, current risk, credit score, marital status, school, city of residence, children, car ownership, and collateral, if any


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