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This and other credit cards


This and other credit cards have many advantages. But to be honest, all these credit cards provide these advantages to you in 2018.

So, what advantages should be considered when buying a credit card?

There is a card usage fee .. It is up to 190 TL with 70 TL per year.

Cash withdrawal interest rates

X Interest rates on the number of installmentsNo charge for direct debit instructionsBakmalısın. Çünkü bu oranlar kredi kartlarına göre değişmektedir.Now let’s take a look at all the popular credit cards. Let’s see which one suits you

Which is the most advantageous credit card according


Which is the most advantageous credit card according to these criteria?
The biggest advantage for me is that you will not once have a credit card dues.

Apart from that, the second issue that I care about will be valid in every shopping store. These two very important advantages are now called FREE CART. If we list our credit cards, which do not have card fees and are valid everywhere.

Fix Card, which is owned by QNB Finansbank with 179,571 contracted stores, comes first. This card has no annual fee.! In fact, even if you lose your card only 15 pounds Fix Card is renewed instantly. Your card limit changes according to your monthly income as in any bank.

Our second recommendation is the HSBC Concept, a dues-free credit card. This card has made an agreement with our customers to 100,000 stores in Turkey’s market.

Finally, we offer you İş Bankası Maximum as a dues-free credit card. This card I use is a very advantageous credit card with really fast customer service.

The Bank has signed a total of 319,558 stores for us. Moreover, shopping and cash advance interest rates are 0.20% lower than the 2 banks I have mentioned. If you ask why I put it in 3 rows, there may be density in the bank 😉

Advantages of Credit Cards Too Much!


Since credit cards entered our lives, we have obtained many difficult-to-reach products with no savings.

It was a bit sad to see the restriction on mobile phones with credit cards and installments with the recently enacted law, but if you choose the right credit card, you will get serious advantages in your other purchases. These advantages are roughly listed.

You can take advantage of installments up to 12 months with no interest or very low interest rates in your purchases made as a single attraction.

You can shop in advance with installments. This is also one of my favorite aspects of my credit cards.

You can meet your cash needs for a very low commission. Apart from cash withdrawals, you can buy small gold from the goldsmiths and do it with less losses through the exchange.

You can have the product you want within the scope of being a RELIABLE SITE with ease over the internet.

You can pay a lot of traffic debt penalties instantly, including paying taxes by credit card.

You don’t have to carry money! Mobile credit card collection devices are now available even in mobile vendors.

It is reliable, does not occupy space in your pocket.

Another favorite advantage is the gift-giving feature. Perhaps this is a small amount of exchange, but believe that over time you get serious gift money. This is quite nice 🙂

You do not have to pay all purchases at the same time after the account cut-off date. Even if you pay the minimum amount, no credit points will be harmed.

credit card interest rate cost Americans


In the 1970s, the US Congress began to regulate the credit card industry. Among other things regulated and banned, it prohibited companies from sending credit cards to people who did not request credit cards.

The payment plates or the Charga-Plates were the first prepaid credit cards. It was used until the early 1960s. It was made of aluminum or white metal plates and was the size of a soldier’s tag. On the back, there was a cardboard attachment with the name of the card issuer and the signatures of the cardholder. Sometimes he was hiding in stores and brought by an officer when the owner wanted to use them

The payment coins, which were a pre-credit card, were first issued in 1865. First, they were made of celluloid, a type of plastic. It is then made of metals such as copper, aluminum, steel or iron.

They were worth a quarter to half a dollar. Some of them had triangles or other unique shapes. It was predominantly given to people by shops.
In 2015, only a 1% credit card interest rate cost Americans $ 7.6 billion per year.


Around 10,000 credit card transactions are made worldwide every second.
In the US, there are approximately 1.4 billion credit cards in circulation.


In 2012, US $ 4.9 billion was sent to credit card holders.
Credit cards are used in the US more than 20 billion times in just one year.
If all credit cards in the US are stacked on top of each other, a 460 km high tower can be created.

In 1958, the Bank of America introduced its first general purpose credit card. They sent 60,000 BankAmericard credit cards to residents of Fresno, California. By 1959, more than 2 million cards were canceled. 1 out of 5 credit card accounts has been delayed and credit card fraud has become widespread. The bank lost $ 8.8 million due to this project.

Under US Federal law, the maximum liability of the person concerned with unauthorized credit card is $ 50 per card, and the person does not pay any money for any subsequent charges incurred in the event of card loss or theft.

The first credit card hologram was issued by MasterCard in 1983 to prevent counterfeit credit cards.

MasterCard was originally issued as MasterCharge and changed its name in 1979.

The first company to use a credit card made of plastic was American Express in 1959 (previous cards made of cardboard or celluloid). The same company also issued the first cards made of anodized titanium (Centurion Card or “Black Card”).

issued as MasterCharge and changed its name in 1979.
The first company to use a credit card made of plastic was American Express in 1959 (previous cards made of cardboard or celluloid).

The same company also issued the first cards made of anodized titanium (Centurion Card or “Black Card”).

Interesting information about Credit Card


The inventor of the first credit card issued by the bank was John Biggins, a banker at the Flatbush National Bank in New York. Introduced in 1946, this card is called arge Charge-It..

For the payment, the card user had to have an account at the bank where Biggins worked and purchases were only available locally. Technically, it was actually a bank card, because the card had to be paid in full at the end of each month.

In the 1950s, Diners Club Card became the first company to offer a credit card that can be used in multiple stores. Although the credit card was accepted in only 14 restaurants in New York and distributed to only 200 people, in a year, more than 20,000 people used it.

By the mid-1900s, oil companies and other stores began issuing their own cards, but the cards could only be used in certain stores. While modern cards are often used for ease of payment, these first cards are designed to improve store loyalty and customer service.

The disadvantage of these cards was that people should bring dozens of different cards with them during their shopping days.
Initially, American Express was a freight forwarder founded in the 1850s as a rival to the US Postal Service in New York.

He specialized in money orders and traveler checks he invented in 1891. He moved to California from his founders Wells and Fargo.
The first general credit cards were made of thick paper and had a $ 300 limit alone.

The Interbank Card Center


The Interbank Card Center (BKM) issued iler Safer Steps in 3 Steps ”to enable card users to make fast, easy and secure payments before the upcoming holiday.

Earn high foreign exchange interest. Up to 6% interest on foreign currency deposits!

Here are the steps that BKM lists the points to be considered:

POS use

“Make sure that when you give your card for payment, it is not passed through any device other than a POS device, that you take it back after making a payment and that your card number is not noted.


Do not get help from people you do not know when processing ATMs, if you suspect a specially placed device in the ATM you’re trading immediately notify your bank.

If your card is stuck in the ATM, you should call your bank immediately from your own phone and do not leave the ATM without having your card closed. Be careful with people who want to help you in such situations.

When you shop online

When shopping, choose known and trusted sites. Perform transactions on devices you trust, protected by current anti-virus software.

By typing the address of the site you want to enter into your browser, you can prevent malicious software hidden in such links.